Determining the Karat of Gold: Various Methods

There are several ways to determine the karat of gold, and here are some common methods for testing the karat of gold:


Marks on Jewelry:

Marks are placed on jewelry to indicate the karat of gold. For example, there might be a mark like "18K" or "14K," where the number represents the percentage of gold in the jewelry. For instance, 18K means there are 18 parts of gold per 24 parts, equivalent to 75% gold.


Chemical Analysis:

Chemical analysis can be used to determine the gold content in a specific karat. A specialist in precious metals can perform this using special chemical substances.


Use of Karat Measurement Device:

Electronic karat measurement devices are used to determine the karat of gold. These devices send an electrical signal through the sample, analyzing the reaction to determine the gold percentage.


Nitric Acid Test:

Nitric acid can be used to test the karat of gold. Gold reacts with nitric acid in a specific way, and through this reaction, it can be determined whether the gold has a high or low karat.

Please note that some of these methods require expertise and technical knowledge. It might be preferable to seek assistance from a jewelry expert or a specialized laboratory to accurately and safely determine the karat of gold.