The gold industry is one of the main industries in the world, and the gold industry is divided into several lines of work such as gold processing, gold mining and converting it into different gold products.


Gold mining: It includes the process that finds gold in the ground and stores it for use in industry. Mining is one of the most important basic lines for the gold industry, and it occupies a large number of workers in the industry.


The gold industry involves several stages and requires many different lines of successful production. These stages include:

  1. Gold mining: This step involves searching for gold in the ground and storing it for use in industry.
  2. Gold analysis: After storing the gold, it is analyzed to ensure its quality and the correct quantity of gold.
  3. Gold purification: This step includes the process of purifying gold and removing other elements present.
  4. Manufacturing: After obtaining pure gold, the industrial process is carried out to convert the gold into a shaped and carved shape, such as rings, bracelets, and... .
  5. Export: After production, the gold products are exported to all over the world and distributed in the market.


Gold can be made chemically using chemical processes that convert other elements into gold. Most of these processes are based on the original gold process that occurs spontaneously in the ground, when gold is picked up by other arms in the first place.


One of the most important chemical methods for making gold is the neutronization process. The neutritation process involves removing the other nitrates from the gold using a chemical indicator. After that, other elements can be added to make gold chemically.


For reference, the gold chemical industry process requires great experience in chemistry and other disciplines and careful control of sizes, prices and materials used. This means that the chemical gold making process is not suitable for personal users and care must be taken when using any gold products of unknown origin.